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The Guardian

When she joined our family, we discussed what we would name her. We watched for clues that could help us decide upon the perfect name. Physically, we knew that she would grow to be very large with a big build. Characteristically, she was affectionate, protective and a natural “guardian”.

We knew that the perfect name for her was Brienne of Tarth! As a Great Pyrenees Dog, she is a livestock guardian dog whose job it is to protect our herd from predators. In the Game of Thrones, Brienne of Tarth is a female knight from the House of Tarth. She is the sworn protector of the queen, just as our Brienne of Tarth is our sworn protector.

Each night we have our herd of goats in their fenced pastures. However, in many areas of Southern California, it is not uncommon to have coyotes attack household pets and livestock. So, Brienne of Tarth is critical to the safety of our pets and livestock. During the day she rests and cuddles with the Jimenez Sisters but as dusk arrives, she is alert and on patrol.

As a livestock guardian dog, Brienne is a working dog and comes from a long line of working dogs. Brienne is happiest when she is guarding the goats, chickens, rabbits, and horses. Throughout the night, she patrols the perimeter of our small ranch keeping watch and making certain all predators know she is on the job. Brienne will climb onto the large rocks and perch on top where she has an unobstructed view of approaching predators. With her deep bark and hackles up she is formidable. Predators will not enter her territory.

Our Brienne of Tarth is dearly loved, trusted, and cared for. In return she is the sworn guardian of the Jimenez Sisters Ranch.

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