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Reaping the Benefits

Goats are one of the oldest domesticated animals and for over 10,000 years have been providing milk and meat to most of the world. We are the Jimenez Sisters, and we live on a small working ranch where we raise, breed and care for our herd of dairy goats. As we learn more about our herd, we appreciate what our goats give us and how critical dairy goats are worldwide.

Our dairy goats provide us with milk that we have sold to other ranchers that need additional milk to nurse puppies, kittens, or “kid” goats. Since our goats are well cared for, they produce a lot of milk each day, from which we manufacture artisan goat milk soaps, buttercreams, skin scrubs and goat milk pet products.

All over the world, goats are raised to produce many dairy products. Goat milk is used for drinking, baking, and cooking. Cheese, butter, ice cream and yogurt are also made from goat milk. Since goats can be raised in most every climate and terrain, goat milk is important to the nutrition and wellbeing of people living in developing regions. For many peoples, goats are affordable and easier to raise than other large dairy animals such as cows. Since goat milk is an excellent source of calcium and protein, in many communities goat milk is important in preventing under-nutrition and malnutrition.

The Jimenez Sisters Ranch is very fortunate to raise our dairy goats and share with you just how wonderful these animals are.

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