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Mr. Campello the Amazing Modern Game Bantam

Recently, I came across an old photo that reminded me why we love “Ranch Life”. In our home one of the busiest times of the day is when our household is getting ready to go to school and work. A few years ago, it was one of those mornings when everyone was rushing around the house making certain they had their lunch bags, last night’s homework in their backpacks, and two matching shoes.

With the list checked, we rushed out to the family van to load up and head out.

While starting the van, I asked is “Everyone buckled up? This van is not moving until everyone is buckled up.” From the back of the van, Olivia said that she is not ready to go. She was taking longer than usual, so I stepped out of the van to help her. As I opened the sliding door, Olivia sighed deeply and said, “Here Mom, hold my chicken”. Much to our surprise, Mr. Campello was joining us for our ride to and from school. Mr. Campello was and remains Olivia’s favorite chicken.

Many people ask if chickens have personalities, and they do! Mr. Campello was a Modern Game Bantam Chicken and was Olivia’s sweet best friend. Modern Game Bantams tame easily, make excellent pets, and do not scratch as much as other breeds. They are an unusual addition to anyone’s flock with their tall, slender looks. Since they are such an amazing breed, Maddy, Abby and Olivia began their 4-H fowl showing journey with Modern Game Bantams.

On cold mornings, Olivia would tuck Mr. Campello into her jacket. With his head sticking out, he would join her during her morning chores. Throughout the day, Olivia would call out “Mr. Campello, where are you?” and he would run to her so she could pick him up and give him a hug. Mr. Campello lived a life full of love and we remember him fondly.

As I gaze at the photo and reflect on that day, I remember a chicken came along in the family van for a school drop-off ride, that was when I knew we had successfully raised “Ranch Girls”.

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