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Hydration Face Bar

Hydration Face Bar


Our Hydro Face Bar is made with goat milk and has layered benefits throughout. The bottom pink layer is goat milk infused with rose water and rose essential oil. The center layer is goat milk fragranced with honey and chammomile for soothing hydration. Topping off this bar is goat milk infused with butterfly pea flower tea. This Hydro Face Bar is packed with all natural nutrients and cleansers to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Perfect for dry skin. 


    Ingredients: Organic Fresh Goat Milk; Olive Oil; Lard; Coconut Oil; Shea Butter; Rose Water; Butterfly Pea Flower Tea; Aloe Extract; Rose Essential Oil; Honey and Chammomile Fragrance Oil; Titanium Dioxide; Mica Powder